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We Do It All

From construction to facilities management, design to engineering, excavation to concrete, roofing to windows, drywall to finish carpentry, plumbing to HVAC, and fire protection to electrical, we do it all.

By completing work with our own resources, we are better able to maintain, schedule and closely monitor the quality of our production. Often, subcontractors operate at odds with each other, focusing only on completing their trade responsibilities and not on the overall objective of the project. Our projects are built with all of our employees, including subcontractors, working together to achieve the goal of completing the project. Because our management is directly involved with so many of the trades, we understand how each trade must interact to optimize the overall project outcome.

Since we perform much of our work with our own staff, our costs are lower. We mark-up direct costs only, rather than using already marked-up subcontractor costs. Our inherent advantages allow us to be price competitive to the benefit of our clients. This benefit is passed on to our clients at every step of the process, including pricing for changed or additional work.

We are artfully renovating National landmarks and American icons. On our projects, we're going beyond restoring history; we're making history.

Our military and security projects have upgraded the capabilities of and improved the quality of life for our armed forces. These men and women expect high quality products in a timely fashion. To that end, we deliver.

The health & science industry provides services critical to our lives. These projects require extra special care. Our expertise assures that when we heal the buildings we work in, we contribute to the care of our people.

Whether it’s low income housing, or office space renovations, Lumus masterfully performs upgrades to major facilities. Working with Lumus is reason enough to upgrade your facilities.