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water mist fire suppression



Water Mist Fire Suppression

LUMUS is a dominant player in HI-FOG Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems. HI-FOG is an innovative fire suppression technology utilizing high pressure to produce a fine water mist. Over 500 full scale fire tests have proved the effectiveness of HI-FOG systems. Conventional sprinklers and water spray systems fight fires by the inefficient process of wetting or cooling combustible surfaces. But HI-FOG, a high pressure mist technology, uses water in the most efficient way, extinguishing by using three primary mechanisms, Cooling, Intering, Radiant Heat Blocking. The combination of the right drop size distribution and high velocity ensures effective penetration and rapid cooling of the fire plum and adjacent gases. Conventional low pressure water spray or sprinkler system can cause much water damage. Often the water damage is greater than the direct fire damage. HI-FOG is as efficient at fire suppression, but their water damage is minimal, so the damage to the facility is minimized, and clean-up time/costs are negligible. HI-FOG uses pure water and is therefore totally safe for people, equipment, and the environment. Lumus Construction, Inc. designs and supplies complete systems which include sprinklers and spray heads, interconnecting stainless tubing, water supply, valves and power unit. Lumus is a leading distributor of HI-FOG systems and the only certified and trained installers for their systems in the entire east coast.